About Us

We are Sisters, We are Mothers, We are Daughters, We are Best Friend.

Our Little business has several Branches. At times it does feel as if we are swinging from one branch to the next, constantly trying to keep up with the trends, always on the look out for what you, our loyal customers are also in search of. At times the journey can be confusing and a little frustrating, but we have learnt to enjoy it even when the branches do sway a little to much during  a change in direction.

The reach of our Branches Include.

Country Linen

Country Linen is a party plan business and was first started over twenty years ago by an amazing lady called Dot Windorf. We purchased it several years ago and have continued the linen parties. We usually travel within an hour of Laidley for parties or if your local your quite welcome to come to our warehouse to host your party. Over the years it has changed slightly due to the fact small business simply cant compete with the larger competition. In our case this has meant that we have had to downsize our linen considerably, but we have filled the gaps with our giftlines and Balinese products. We still offer great incentives.

$6.00 for holding a party

An item of your choice at half price (our larger balinese items are capped at $200, this still means you will receive up to an incredible $100 off our larger ticketed items for hosting a party) You will receive 10% of all party sales to spend as you wish on our products.

If you make $500 in sales and two bookings or $1000 in sales and one booking you can receive a second half price item. (the second half price item can be redeemed when your guests hold their parties)

Amoore Bali Imports

We have been importing from Bali for over ten years and because we cant possibly have everything we fall in love with over there for ourselves we do the next best thing and bring it home to share with all of you. It takes around twelve weeks from when we first place an order to the container arriving here in Australia. Most products are made as we order and can take four to six weeks to produce. Most of our suppliers are small family businesses and often most of the family will be involved, wether it be the carving of the item, the sanding, painting or packing many hands have lovingly worked on the special piece you have chosen.

Gift Lines

As you have realized we love to shop and we are very fortunate that Australia has some amazing trade fairs where we can find all those other unique pieces that we just cant find in Bali. We travel to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each year to source the additional products. These include fashion, soft furnishings, gift lines and homewares.

Thank you so much for spending your time learning a little about us. Paula and Mellisa.